There are many, many videos available on-line that offer guidance for beekeepers. Some of these are excellent resources, some not so much. We have selected videos that we think are particularly useful for small-scale and urban beekeepers in Southern Ontario. These include:

· “How to” Beekeeping Videos by the University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre. 32 excellent short videos that provide essential information for beginners and demonstrate basic beekeeping techniques. Includes videos on Hive Equipment; Hive Location and Setup; Introducing a Nucleus Colony; Opening Hives; Colony Inspection; Smoke Use; Finding Queens; Abnormal Conditions; Harvesting Honey; and many more.

· YouTube Videos by Devan Rawn (former member of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association Tech Transfer Team). Another series of more than 30 excellent videos by a knowledgeable Southern Ontario beekeeper. Videos include: Beekeeping with Devan; Beginner Beekeepers: Three Essential Skills; What do Bees Eat?; Beekeeping with a Plan; Colony Growth in Spring; Fall Beekeeping; What are Your Bees Doing All Winter; and more advanced topics.

· Videos by the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association Tech Transfer Team. OBA has several short videos, most of which are focused on techniques for monitoring Varroa mites in the hive (sticky boards, sugar dust, ether roll and alcohol wash).

There are also videos of presentations by bee researchers that look in-depth at the way a colony of honeybees functions, or at issues confronting beekeepers. Some of the ones we like include:

· The Bee Hive as a Honey Factory. This fascinating presentation by the pre-eminent bee researcher Tom Seeley was made at the National Honey Show in the UK in 2018.

· Honey Bees in the Wild: What do we know about how they live. Another presentation by Tom Seeley at the National Honey Show, this video reviews what Seeley has learned during 40 years of research about how honey bees survive in the wild, and what beekeepers can learn from this.