Magazines and Journals

There are a variety of good magazines and journals devoted to beekeeping. Those listed below are chosen for their relevance for beekeeping in Ontario.

  • Ontario Bee Journal.The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association produces the bi-monthly OBJ and sends the journal to all OBA members, who also have access to the journal on-line. Regular articles include: beekeeping industry news; seasonal beekeeping information (“This Month in the Beeyard”); the latest research from the OBA’s Tech Transfer group; the Provincial Apiarist report; profiles of Ontario beekeepers; and more.
  • Hivelights. The Canada Honey Council produces a quarterly magazine primarily geared to commercial beekeepers across Canada, with regional reports from provincial beekeeping associations, the Honeybee Health Coalition, honey production statistics, regulations governing labelling and honeybee pest control products, etc. This magazine is also mailed to all OBA members.
  • American Bee Journal. The monthly ABJ is packed with information for both new and experienced beekeepers. The journal contains regular columns on beekeeping basics, beekeeping science updates, and “The Classroom”, which answers readers’ questions about all aspects of beekeeping. Each issue also contains a dizzying array of in-depth articles.
  • Bee Culture: The Magazine of American Beekeeping. This monthly magazine is produced by the Eastern Apicultural Society, an educational organization in eastern North America that promotes bee culture, beekeeper education, certification of Master Beekeepers and bee research. (The editor-in-chief, Kim Flottum, is also author of The Backyard Beekeeper.) Like the ABJ, there are lots of good, useful articles. Bee Culture is perhaps a little more oriented to the natural beekeeper than the ABJ.