Our Coordinating Committee

The 2020 members of the UTBA Coordinating Committee include:

Acting Chair: Michelle Wolfson

Vice-chair: Marion Whittam

Treasurer: Sheila Miller

Secretary: Lucina Crawford

Membership and Mentorship Coordinator: Renée Nadeau

Meeting Coordinators: Lucina Crawford

BEE Educated Coordinators: Marion Whittam

Events Coordinator: Michelle Wolfson

Facebook Administrator: Michelle Wolfson

Members at Large: John Coffman and Ralf Rohrich

Other contributors to the work of the Coordinating Committee, but not formal members include:

Email Manager: Michelle Wolfson

Communications and Website Management; Henry Dillon, Michelle Wolfson and Daniel Rehac

Roles and Responsibilities for UTBA Coordinating Committee Members


  • Convene quarterly Coordinating Committee (CC) Meetings and teleconferences as needed
  • Develop agendas for these meetings and ensure that meeting notes/minutes are kept and distributed to CC members
  • Take overall responsibility to ensure that the work of the CC is being done
  • Liaise with other local beekeepers’ associations (e.g. TDBA) and the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association.
  • Report to the UTBA membership about significant activities/events involving the OBA and other beekeeper organizations (such as the Canadian Honey Council, etc.)


  • Share responsibilities with the President/Chair as agreed, or to take over responsibilities of the President/Chair if the latter is unable to do them for a period, or steps down
  • Ensure that content on the UTBA website is up-to-date.


  • Receive and deposit member fees
  • Keep and update list of paid-up UTBA members, and make this available to other CC members
  • Pay out expenses such as honoraria for speakers, supplies for meetings, website hosting fees, expenses associated with CC meetings, etc.
  • Periodically report on UTBA finances to the CC and to the UTBA membership

Meeting Coordinator(s)

  • With input from the CC and from UTBA members, organize an annual planning meeting of the UTBA and monthly meeting topics
  • Invite speakers and provide them with information about the UTBA and its members, what we are looking for in a presentation, what AV facilities we have available, and logistical information about time and location of our meetings
  • Write timely descriptions for the meeting and coordinate with the Communications Coordinator to ensure that they are posted on the UTBA Facebook page, website and sent out by e-blast
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to ensure that funds to pay speaker honoraria are available (cash or e-transfer)
  • After the presentation/panel, send thanks to the speaker(s).

Event(s) Coordinator

  • Develop and manage an annual special event or events organized for the UTBA membership. Such events might include workshops, apiary tours, film nights, etc. The work will likely involve

Communications Coordinator

  • Oversee the management of the UTBA Facebook page, website and e-blasts. (The technical work of each of these forms of communication may be done by UTBA volunteers who are not members of the CC, but this work should be coordinated by the Communications Coordinator.)
  • Ensure that meeting and event invitations and agendas, locations, and – where necessary – event registrations are posted in good time.

Mentorship Coordinator

  • Develop a mentorship program for UTBA, outlining what would be expected from both mentors and mentees, and soliciting experienced beekeepers willing to be mentors for UTBA members looking for this kind of help.
  • Receive and respond to requests from UTBA members for mentorship, and try to pair mentors and mentees.

Responsibilities of All CC members

  • To commit to their chosen role for a year. If during the year an individual CC member finds it difficult to continue, to inform the President/Chair and resign from the position so that someone else can be recruited to take up the responsibilities.
  • Participate in and contribute to quarterly CC Meetings. (If unavailable, to let the President/Chair know and if possible to contribute to important agenda items by email.)