What we do

The Urban Toronto Beekeepers’ Association was organized in the early months of 2013, to stimulate an interchange of knowledge and experience among beekeepers in the city, and to promote sustainable urban beekeeping. To accomplish these goals we:

Host 10 monthly meetings per year, including a “BEE Educated” session geared to new beekeepers or those interested in becoming beekeepers and also a knowledgeable speaker or panel addressing current beekeeping issues, important new research and other topics. We have Lately, we have added a popular “Meet a Beekeeper” presentation by a local beekeeper who gives us a visual tour of their apiary and describes their beekeeping practices and challenges.

Organize one or more special events each year. In the past these have included:

  • Building swarm traps
  • Honey tasting workshops
  • Apiary tours
  • The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association summer meeting (2019)
  • And summertime potlucks at apiaries of UTBA members.
  • Host a Facebook page for exchange of information among urban and other local beekeepers.
  • Are developing a mentorship program to help new and aspiring beekeepers learn through hands-on work with an experienced beekeeper.

Our members include people interested in becoming beekeepers and those who have been beekeepers for a decade or more; beekeepers with just one or two backyard hives in the city and a few who are commercial beekeepers who manage dozens of hives; beekeepers who live in the city but have apiaries in rural areas and more.

Our work is organized by a ten-member Coordinating Committee.

We are a recognized member of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association. Some of our members participate in OBA meetings and conferences and report to the UTBA about OBA events and initiatives, including OBA Technical Transfer programs.